Man’s scrotum waxed down to the testicles

A British man was lucky not to lose a testicle when a genital waxing stunt at a local pub went badly wrong.

Twenty-four-year-old Joe Cooper is currently recuperating in hospital after letting his friends give him a “male Brazilian” in a charity fundraiser at the The Trees pub. While most of the participants were happy to give up a bit of chest hair, Cooper went the extra mile and offered up his swimsuit region for the cause.

What happened next is best described in his own words:

One of the peelers just got too enthusiastic and he was pretty apologetic afterwards. I ended up at the hospital. You can imagine how much everyone was laughing at me. It was ironic. I was meant to be helping them — and they ended up helping me. They told me if any more skin had come off, that would have been it. I was very lucky really.

The overly enthusiastic peeler managed to tear off six of the seven layers of skin on Joe Cooper’s scrotum – but it wasn’t all bad, the group raised a total of $4,443 Leicester Royal Infirmary children’s ward. [UPI]


About the author: C. S. Magor


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and a reporter at large for We Interrupt and Uberreview. He currently resides in the Japanese countryside approximately two hours from Tokyo - where he has spent the better part of a decade testing his hypothesis that Japan is neither as quirky nor as interesting as others would have you believe.



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