Man Fired from Job for Working Too Hard

Hard work pays off, unless you are multi-tasker extraordinaire, Ping Han.

The British man owns a travel agency, an insulation business, a translation service and manages 4 rental properties all while working his regular 9 – 5 as a clerk at Britain’s Rail Corp.

Problem is Rail Corp. says all employees must report secondary earnings and Han failed to do so. Thus, Han was fired.

Han claims he wanted to disclose his side gigs but the forms to do so changed in 2007 and he isn’t sure how he’s supposed to.

Taking his case to the Transport Appeals Board, Han admitted his guilt but said being fired was too harsh a punishment because the forms were confusing.

Ironically, the Board also heard testimony that Han wasn’t a “derelict” employee and got  all his work done but upheld the dismissal based on the fact he ran his other businesses while on company time and used company email to do so.

Most likely some other bitter employee, too lazy to try and find ways to supplement their income, ratted out this hard-working man who does his job well and has successful entrepreneurial gigs.

That aside, the tribunal also heard how Han was warned by Rail Corp. in 2005 about doing personal business while on their clock.

Han is devastated by the dismissal saying he’s the only money maker in his family and without the job he won’t be able to make ends meet.

Which then makes you wonder how successful were his successful small businesses? Maybe he has a large family… or a wife who overspends. Whatever the case Han has a lot more time on his hands. [Daily Telegraph, image]

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  • Bryan Brill
    1 March 2011 at 4:03 pm
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    Umm the writer here is an idiot. He didn’t get fired for working too hard, he got fired for not following rules.

    • Banerjee
      2 March 2011 at 9:27 am
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      Yea…. I would go with your words thats exactly what happened.

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