Missing woman found safe, survived thanks to the food mom packed

A Sherbrooke woman who went missing earlier this week has been found alive and well. Medical student Stephanie Parent was driving from her home in Sherbrooke Quebec, to Bathurst in New Brunswick, where she was supposed to begin an internship as a doctor. Apparently she was trusting her GPS for getting her to Bathurst but the device, guided her into the woods instead, about 90 kilometers from Bathurst. It’s not mentioned what brand the GPS is but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility it was made by the brothers Grimm, like these other GPSs.

She was found by snowmobilers who noticed something was odd when they spotted a car, stuck in the snow, and young Stephanie, shovel in hand, trying to dig herself out. According to the snowmobilers when she saw them, Ms Parent dropped her shovel and let out a “hurray!”.

I’m glad she was found alive and well for several reasons. Firstly for herself, and her family and friends, but also because we are in dire need of doctors.

She survived three days with food and water her mom had packed her for her trip, which goes to say, listen to mom and grand-mom, always put on clean underwear and pack a lunch. In our climate, you know when you are leaving on a journey, but you never know when you are going to arrive.


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