Computer Glitch Opens Grocery Store with no Staff

When a supermarket in New Zealand opened it’s doors at 8a.m. on Good Friday about 24 people went in to shop with no staff in sight. A computer glitch opened the grocery store leading them to do what they want inside.
Security footage at the Pak ‘n Save showed half paid for their purchases via self-service kiosks until the system crashed when someone tried to scan alcohol. Staff are required to check a person’s ID when buying booze.
But a few weren’t so morally inclined and chose to take advantage of the good deal leaving without even attempting to pay. Police were eventually notified at 9:20a.m. when people saw truck loads of groceries being driven off.
Originally upset, owner Glenn Miller says he now sees the humor of it:

“I still think (the first woman) probably doesn’t know we weren’t there. It is the funniest thing. You just have to laugh your head off when you watch (the surveillance video.)”

Miller says he’s hoping all the media coverage will make some who took advantage of the free for all feel a little guilty and come in and pay for what they took.
That aside, it seems there might be some divine moral test at play here. I mean, it did happen on Good Friday… and people were being tested on how good they would be inside a store of things they should be paying for with no people there to ask them to pay. [The Age | Image


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