Hello Kitty lands in China, builds theme park, takes over world

hello kitty streetracer

The Limited "Daddy's Little Princess" Edition Ferrari Enzo.

It’s a diabolical scheme if I’ve ever seen one: Sanrio, the Japanese company responsible for selling Hello Kitty merchandise, has announced that construction on a theme park in China will begin this July, potentially trapping millions of preteens and cat ladies in the eponymous anthropomorphic cat’s cuddly grip.

Having already established a foothold upon Japanese culture with two theme parks, Sanrio is looking to the west, coinciding with the recently-announced Shanghai Disneyland.  The nefarious “Cutest Place On Earth” will sport roller coasters, rides, parades, and pretty much everything else a theme park could possibly use to suck hundreds of dollars out of you through your kids.  The theme park will open in 2014.  [Source; Image]


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