Woman burns feet on sidewalk, suffers 2nd degree burns

While most of Eastern Canada is dealing with ridiculously cold temperatures this summer, the heat wave in Texas is so severe one woman suffered second degree burns on her feet even though she was wearing leather sandals.

Rebecca Friensen decided the scorching 108f temperature (about 42celcius) wouldn’t keep her from a short 15 minute walk to the grocery store. But she barely made it home.

“My feet started burning when I was almost there, I figured probably because it was hot outside,” she said. “So, I kept walking, and on my way back it started hurting really, really, really bad and just got worse, worse, worse and worse.”

Seeing blisters on the soles of her feet after she got home, she went to the hospital where they informed her it was indeed second degree burns and will have to wear bandages on her feet for at least 2 weeks.

Apparently, it’s not unusual and doctors say you need to wear thicker soled shoes when temperatures are that high. Keep this in mind next time you go on vacation. Frying your feet would definitely put a damper on the whole thing.

But all this crazy heat waves in one area and unbelievably cold weather in another one makes me think the end of the world is definitely coming… in the form of Global Warming. [Source | Image]


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