Pimp your eyes in California with a new eye color changing technique

A California doctor, Dr. Gregg Homer has requested an $800,000 clinical trial fund to test a novel eye color changing technique on humans, that he has been working on for the past then years. In 2005, he submitted a patent request via Stroma Medical for a machine that he called Lumineyes. The good doctor claims he can burn off the brown pigment from the iris and thereby expose the blue iris underneath, thereby turning brown eyes blue.

Of course, the operation is irreversible so hitting CTRL-Z will not revert your big blue eyes to the way your mama made them.

The cost for the operation would be around $5000 and it is said to take as little as 20 seconds.

How does the pharmaceutical and medical industry explain the fact that in only 10 years they figured out how to change people’s eye colors from brown to blue, but in several decades have not figured out how to cure such devastating diseases like HIV, Herpes, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, PMS and of course, male pattern baldness? Well, they don’t. Mostly because nobody bothered to ask.

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