Man commits suicide by jumping in vat of whiskey

It’s always sad to hear of someone taking his own life but as suicides go, jumping in a vat of the world’s best single malt whiskey might be one of the best ways to go.

This is what 46-year old Brian Ettles did at the Glenfiddich Distillery, where he had worked for 23 years. Threw himself into a 50,000 liter vat of the alcohol the day after his wife’s 54th birthday.

He also leaves behind his two daughters, ages 23 and 25.

Rescue attempts were made but Ettles drowned inside the vat used in the first stages of distilling the liquor which is known as a washback.

Out of memory for the man, the world famous distillery has been closed for two days.

Opened in 1886 by William Grant the Glenfiddich Distillery is still run by his descendants and it seems this is the first time something like this has happened there.

A sad story indeed. One that should never have made it outside of a writer’s creative head… or at least one that should never have turned from fiction to fact. Source.


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