Human foot sent to Canadian Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa

After the discovery earlier today, in the Cote des Neiges Montreal district, of a human torso that had been dissimulated in a luggage and abandoned next to a dumpster, now arrives a news report from the Ottawa Citizen that a human foot has been received by the Conservative Party headquarters on Albert Street in the nation’s capital.

The sealed package, containing what appeared to be a human foot with blood stains on it, was delivered to the front desk by Canada Post. The package wasn’t addressed to a specific person, but to the Conservative Party of Canada. For the moment though, police are refusing to confirm the contents of the package, stating only that a suspicious package had been delivered and that there would be an investigation.

So this week so far we’ve had one zombie in Florida, then another one in the UK interleaved with episodes of LDS induced cannibalism. I’ll just have to come out and say it outright: 2012…



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