Little Girl Falls Off Motorcycle, Narrowly Avoids Getting Head Crushed

It was a narrow escape for a little girl in China after the three year old fell off a motorcycle and fell under a car that just started pulling away.

Caught on CCTV camera, the little girl is seen falling off the front of the scooter being driven by a man, presumable her father. Landing under the car it isn’t clear until it’s passed that the toddler is safe. A little boy is on the back of the bike. None of them are wearing helmets.

If the fall had taken place only a couple of seconds earlier this little girl might not have been so lucky. Perhaps soon there will be some push to have people in China and other Asian countries to follow guidelines for driving motorcycles and scooters more safely. Until then, let’s keep praying for angels to protect those little ones that fall off.  [Source]


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