Pope Benedict XVI to tweet for the first time on Dec.12th

December 12th, Pope Benedict XVI will become the first Pope in history to send a Tweet after having recently become the first Pope in history to open a Twitter account. The first few tweets, according to his spokesman, will be answers to some of the more common questions he’ll have received. The general public can still send him questions on Twitter.

For those who see omens everywhere, like perhaps the recent apocalyptic prophecy supposedly made by a French apothecary called Michel de Nostradamus and regarding current world pop superstar Psy, the fact that the Pope chose December 2012 to begin Tweeting can be a bit unnerving.

I remind you of Nostradamus’ alleged quatrain: From the calm morning, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be nine. The Internet meme even (erroneously) states the year the prophecy was made, using the following signature: Nostradamus 1503. Perhaps whoever made the meme used that signature because the Nostradamus 1502 gamertag was already taken but that’s of little consequence considering the Frenchman was BORN in 1503 and didn’t begin writing his quatrains until much later.

So it’s in the words of Forrest Gump that I have but one thing to say about that, and I’ll tell you what that one thing is on the morning of December 22nd, probably while sitting at my desk, chewing on a bagel…

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