Thieves get away with five tons of Nutella

Five tons of Nutella, a popular (and delicious) chocolate and nut spread, were stolen from a commercial trailer in Germany over the week-end. The thieves lifted seven pallets of the delectable breakfast substance from the trailer which had been parked in an unused area of a train station north of Frankfurt.

The pallets were probably transported by truck and their whereabouts are unknown. The value of the Nutella was estimated at around $21,000. The area from which it was stolen is a popular spot to park trailers over the week-end as in Germany, it is forbidden to use a commercial trailer during week-ends. Thieves have caught on to this trend and have recently stolen $40,000 worth of coffee and more recently 20 pallets containing over 34,000 cans of energy drinks.

In the video above, you can enjoy the process by which chocolate spread is made.

Germany: The new Italy.



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