Jedi knights drop over 50% in last Canadian census

Started as a joke in 2001 by a bunch of college students in British Columbia, the phenomenon took some importance when in the 2001 Canadian census over 20,000 people stated Jedi as their official religion. However the phenomenon lost steam and momentum for the 2011 census as only about 9000 Jedi’s were reported in Canada, down more than 50%.

Real-life Jedi’s readily acknowledge their movie counterparts are purely fictional. They see the films as inspirational and fantasy parables, in much the same way other religions use fantastic stories to glean morals. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the part of the phrase “Real-life Jedi’s.”

I don’t suppose those real-life Jedi’s can grab a remote control from sitting down at 12 paces away can they?

Still, at 9000 people they claim more populace than other religions. At the 2011 census, 1,050 people declared themselves to be Satanists, 6130 proclaimed that they were Zoroastrians, and of course 1055 said that they were Rastafarians. Mercifully, being a Bieberian is still not popular enough to become a religion.

It’s not really a party until the Rastafarians show up.

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