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  • gty_trojan_vibrator_cart_tk_120808_wblog

    NYC vibrator giveaway shut-down by city officials

    Condom manufacturer Trojan organized a promotional giveaway of vibrators yesterday in New York City. Several hot-tog type kiosks were setup where people could pick up a free vibrator along with a free sample of condoms. Sadly for everyone involved though, city officials had to shut down the kiosks because...
  • elevator-crush

    “Killer” elevator takes woman’s life in New York city

    An elevator malfunction, worth of a cheezy horror movie plot, has taken the life of Suzanne Hart, 41, an employee with advertising agency Y&R who are tenants in the 1920s building on Madison avenue. Witnesses and reports from paramedics suggest that she was crushed between the elevator shaft entrance ceiling...
  • drunk dog

    Friends don’t let friends drink and buy puppies

    A dog store in New York City has announced that it will no longer serve drunk patrons in an effort to combat buyer’s remorse. Le Petit Puppies is surrounded by bars, and is thus frequented by many less-than-sober customers.  Reportedly, one woman bought a puppy from the store and...