If you thought Australia was weird…

It gets better; They now have a glow in the dark lake, at the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, Australia.

Relax though, this has nothing to do with intra-galactic aliens or bio-hazards, it’s a bacteria known as Noctiluca Scintillans and it’s awesome for several different reasons. Firstly because it glows in the dark when it’s disturbed, secondly because it can glow red, blue or green depending on which plancton is present, but also, it’s awesome because it has “luca” in its name.

Apparently harmless to humans, the bacteria glows an eerie ghostly color when it is moved around, which earned it the nickname “Sea Ghost” mercifully, it has no relation to any of the Pirate Of The Caribbean movies.

In Australia, where they are currently in the summer, they are having a more pronounced than usual glowing period for these microorganisms, which has been prompting some interesting photos of what appear to be blue glowing zombies that are leaping out of the water. (pictured left)

All in all it’s just an innocuously cute effect, to be perfectly honest though, I’m not entirely sure I’d bathe in it, but I’m sure curious as to what color it would glow, if I peed in it.


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