About UsWe Interrupt is an independent online community newspaper that focuses on the bizarre, absurd, interesting, humorous and sometimes inane events that are always taking place in an effort to make the day, both yours and ours, a little richer for the telling. We report real news as it happens, wherever it happens but be forewarned, while we might be honest, we make no claim of impartiality. Here, you are more than likely to get a dose of opinion, perhaps with a dash of cynicism, but it is all in the name of fun, which, above all things is what this site is about.

In as much as We Interrupt is an online newspaper, it is also a community. In an effort to keep our content as fresh as possible and our coverage as wide as possible, we invite our membership to actively contribute to our site. The result, we hope is a website that not only represents our own views and interests, but one that reflects the views and interests of our community as a whole.

We Interrupt is the work of V.P. Silva and Chris Magor both of whom you might be familiar with from their writings on the gadget blog The UberReview.

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