Blind Man Drop $20, Lady Picks It Up, Store Manager Comes To The Rescue

There are good Samaritans and then there are those who only care about themselves. This is the story of a very good, kind hearted man, who stood up to the selfish meanie who was more than willing to take advantage of a blind man.

It all happened at a Dairy Queen fast food restaurant in Minnesota. That’s where 19-year old Joey Prusak works.  The college student is a manager at the store and he’s worked there for 6 years. He was taking orders the day this story takes place and watched as the blind man he was serving dropped a $20 bill from his pocket while pulling out his debit card to pay for his meal.

Prusak watched as the money fell from the man’s pocket and the woman behind him quickly picked it up and put it in her purse as the man passed her. It was obvious to everyone the man was blind and didn’t know he dropped his money.

Cue the collected cries of OMG! She didn’t.

Yes, she did. And that was when Prusak stepped in.

First he asked the woman to return the money to the blind man. She refused saying the money was hers so he told her he couldn’t serve her and she should leave.

But that’s not all. Prusak then went over to the blind man, took $20 out of his own pocket and gave it to him, telling him it was the money the man had dropped. That’s 2 hours wages for Prusak.

Cue cheers and clapping for the good guy.

Now, as the story continues, Prusak didn’t tell people what he did and it was a week or so before the owner of the Dairy Queen location found out about his good deed when she received a letter from another customer who had witnessed the whole event and wanted to praise Prusak. That letter was put on the staff board, then another staff member posted a picture of it to Facebook, that was shared and now Prusak is a global hero. And the unnamed lady who took the money is probably really happy no one could identify her… because it sucks to be a meanie who steals from the blind.

See Prusak’s interview below and be reminded there are a lot of good people in this world. And they don’t finish last.  [ Source. ]


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