Adidas pulls JS Roundhouse Mids after failed Facebook campaign

It seemed like a good idea at the time; Adidas, athletic shoe manufacturer renowned for selling 9$ basketball shoes for 200$ created a Facebook ad campaign designed to make a certain viral buzz about their JS Roundhouse Mids (retailed at 350$) before their official release.

The trouble though, was that most people just saw ordinary sneakers, attached with shackles reminiscent of the attire that slaves used to wear. The Facebook campaign thereby attracted more anger than buzz, so much so that the German company decided not to sell the model in the marketplace, thereby creating a rare, invaluable item in the few prototypes that were made.

Way to go Adidas. Next fall watch for the Gaddafi model that will come with his patented gold plated dark glass-frames, as well as the Saddam Hussein shoes, modeled after the ones he was wearing when he was executed for having been stowing away Waldo’s impossible to find WMDs.

Also, in keeping with the current trend, keep checking back here within the next few months as we will likely be posting an article about the obvious Chinese knockoff of the shoes that were never made.



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  • Adidas ritira le scarpe (prima di metterle in vendita) | Il blog di Alessandro Barulli
    20 June 2012 at 9:17 am
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