Ugliest dog in Britain, Mugly, wins world ugliest dog

Repeating his feat from 2005, Mugly, a Chinese Crested dog has been named worlds ugliest dog by a panel of experts in Petulama, California. The hideous dog, whose name is a blatant play on ugly (Mugly…) has been living a less than tranquil life in England where he’s been beaten up at least once by a street gang, and has to endure the continuous comments from passerby’s as they are repulsed by the quadruped’s appearance.

The mammal’s owner, Bev Nicholson, has said that she couldn’t speak when Mugly’s name was called out as the winner. The dog wins 1000$ reward, a year’s supply of dog biscuits, as well as a VIP stay at a pampered pooch Sheraton Hotel.

It’s ironic that California, land of the naturally beautiful, and otherwise aesthetically enhanced people, wound up hosting a contest where animals are judged on how unattractive they are.


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