Priest Does Cocaine in Nazi Room

Police in Northern Ireland are investigating allegations that a Catholic priest, Fr Stephen Crossan, used Cocaine in a room on the St Patrick’s Church grounds in Banbridge, in July 2015.

The Sun obtained footage of a man, who appears to be Fr Crossan, snorting what appears to be a thick line of cocaine… in a room on the church grounds that apparently contained Nazi memorabilia. Your author is of the humble opinion that a grown adult should have the right to decide the substances that he or she decides to put into his or her own body – but a man of the cloth with a collection of Nazi memorabilia… that’s disgusting.

In all fairness, I watched this video half-a-dozen times and failed to see any Nazi memorabilia in the room. We are assuming that it was in part of the video that The Sun has not released.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, this is not the worst thing that a priest could get in trouble for… it isn’t even the second worst – but it is definitely up there.

Crossan is said to have taken leave of the priesthood.


[via BBC]


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