Baby LED Costume Best. Costume. Ever.

Halloween is coming and with it the videos and pictures of little kids in their costumes of cuteness.

This glow in the dark LED stick man costume made by a California dad is one of the best ones ever.

Royce Hutain, who goes by the user name Visual Burrito on Youtube, says his 22-year old daughter loves wearing it and he plans to upload more videos of her wearing the costume out and about on the night of tricks or treats.

Video of the preview of the suit has gone viral, getting close to 8 million Youtube hits in three days.

I’m thinking this suit is way to awesome for Halloween alone. Bring it out at Christmas. Bonfires in the summer – you’ll never loose your kid camping. The possibilities of a stick girl baby series is incredible.  Scare animals in the woods. There’s so much you can do, but he’ll have to do it quickly since kids do grow and sadly that costume won’t.  [ Source.]

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