Justin Bieber adds prostitutes to entourage, gets expelled from Rio hotel

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber was expelled Wednesday morning by a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for attempting to enter it with “up to” six prostitutes, after leaving a brothel wearing only a bedsheet. The singer went into a rampage destroying hotel amenities and causing over $6000 in damage.

Bieber, 19, had made headlines earlier this week when he was accused of drawing some graffiti on a hotel wall, tagging them with slogans such as “Respect my privacy” and “On vacation.” He was in Rio to give a concert on Sunday night after having given one earlier last week in Sao Paolo.

Local police explained that Bieber had received an authorization by the Rio mayor’s office to “tag” a specific wall but not the wall he actually tagged, his spokespeople meanwhile claim he had to switch walls for his own security.


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