Man Builds Train In Basement, Goes Nowhere

For Canadian Jason Shron there’s nothing more relaxing that sitting in a seat of the country’s VIA train service. He loves it so much he decided to build a perfect replica of a train car in his basement. Actually, if you’re being fully accurate he turned his basement into a train car that goes nowhere.

It took Shron and some of his other rail obsessed friend roughly 2,500 hours to build the train car, costing Shron about $10,000.

“This is where I feel most comfortable, I have been collecting VIA stuff for years. The details make it so real to me.” Shron told media when explaining his decision to turn the basement of his Vaughn, Ontario home into a train car.

He sits in a seat, reads his paper, and perhaps naps. Assuming he has digital devices he could even watch TV or movies. However, to get the experience of the annoying passenger in the seat in front, he’ll have to invite some friends over.  [ Source ] [Image]

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