One-percenter might have just had the world’s most expensive single car wreck

The Aston Martin One-77 is one expensive car. As the name implies, there were only 77 of them made – price tag $2 million, but they tend to trade hands for a lot more than that. Now there is one less of them on the road thanks to a driver from Shenzen, China whose driving skills didn’t quite match up to his or her desire to be seen in one of the world’s most expensive cars.

To add insult to injury the car didn’t have number plates. That could be because someone took them off to spare the aforementioned fat cat’s ego, or it could be because the car was so new that it hadn’t been insured.

Okay, we shouldn’t gloat, this is a beautiful car and some dummkopf just smashed it into a curb at high speed. We should pity the poor man (or woman) – and not wallow in the tasty, tasty schadenfreude, right?

This certainly isn’t the world’s most expensive car wreck (that happened in Japan and involved a large number of expensive cars) but it may well be the most expensive single car accident.

[The Age]

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