British F1 Grand Prix’s exploding tires

The 2013 F1 Grand Prix almost had catastrophic results as four cars had their rear left Tyre explode during the race, some at speeds in excess of 190km/h and one car, Perez’s McLaren exploded it twice forcing him to retire.

British driver and ex-world champion Lewis Hamilton had great plans for the week-end, he had qualified in pole position and held great hopes of winning his home race, but after only 10 laps his rear left tyre exploded while he was on a speedy straightaway, sending him to the pits and last place. A few laps later it was Perez’s turn to see his rear left explode right in front of Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari. Alonso dodged the McLaren and most of the shrapnel with cat-like reflexes.

Then it was French Toro Rosso driver Vergne’s turn to see his rear left tire explode just as he was being followed by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. Raikkonen received boiling hot rubber inside his cockpit and across his helmet. Later his teammate Daniel Ricciardo’s rear left also blew out and finally with less than 10 laps from the end of the race, Perez blew his rear left for the second time during the race.

Keep in mind that an exploding tire is far more dangerous or comical than an exploding golf ball or cigar. It will make you lose control of your car and also hurl about 3kg of rubber and steel wire mesh at what ever is coming up behind you.

Two safety car deployments assisted Lewis Hamilton in recovering at least some of his lost ground as he managed to secure a fourth place, just outside of the podium. In the end only a few cars had to retire and miraculously, nobody was injured.

Final results show Rosberg coming in first after Vettel’s Red Bull lost its transmission with only 11 laps to go, Mark Webber coming in second after a dreadful start which included having his front wing replaced during a pit stop, and Alonso coming in third driving an increasingly less and less competitive Ferrari.

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