Photographer Uses Scotch Tape, Makes Unique Portraits

Photographer Wes Naman’s has a unique take on the traditional portrait. Using tape to disfigure his subjects, he creates pieces that stick in your mind. It’s an idea Naman says he got when he put tape on himself while setting up lighting.

All of the models are his friends and the distorted expressions add a sense of comedy with a comic book feel.  From bulging cheeks, to squat ears and eyelids, the pictures of the commercial photographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico are definitely memorable conversation pieces.

Naman tells media, “My assistant and I tried it on ourselves and got a good laugh from it, so we decided to call some friends, got plenty of vodka and scotch tape, and made a night out of it.”

Ahhh, the parties of the artistically inclined are never boring, that’s for certain.  [ Source ]

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