Lego-Man Travels To Space And Brings Back Photos And Videos


A Lego man has successfully gone where no Lego man has gone before – the edge of space and back down.

It’s all thanks to two friends,  teacher Jon Chippindall, 31 and entrepreneur Ian Cunningham, 29, who met while studying aerospace engineering at Manchester University. Together, they created a homemade probe called The Meteor, that was attached to a balloon and sent into the stratosphere (or to the edge of it) with Lego Man and camera equipment all together.

According to the Mirror, UK:

The craft was launched from Mold in North Wales on Wednesday.

Within two hours it had reached 90,000ft above the Earth – three times the height of Mount Everest – where the balloon burst and the camera plunged back down.

It’s an exciting feat for both men.
“It was really exhilarating to know that this thing had been to the edge of space and come back down, and that the technology had worked as it was supposed to,” Chippindall enthusiastically told media.
Cunningham added, ““We knew we would get some pictures back from space, but didn’t expect anything as good as those.”
But it seem it’s Chippindall who’s looking at ways to use the homemade probe, which cost about 250gbp ($400) to make, to inspire youth to want to study sciences more.
“I’m really, really keen on extra curricular activities in schools and think this could really inspire kids to study physics and other sciences,” he says and is already working on way to make that happen.
Not going to lie, that would make studying physics very cool indeed.  [ Source. ]
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