Impress Your Friends with the Voice Activated Popinator

I’m pretty good at throwing popcorn up in the air and catching it in my mouth. And when I was 11, that was a really impressive skill to have. At 35, and in the digital age, you’ve got to step your game up if you want to delight intimate crowds at moments notice. That said, I recommend the Popinator. Equipped with a binaural microphone system, that works like the human hearing system to calculate where the sound is coming from, this wacky popcorn dispenser will shoot a piece of popcorn into your mouth up to 15 feet away, every time you say “Pop!” And no, I can’t find any legitimate advantage to something like this, but it’s Thursday, not Friday, and…well that’s just it. Check out this video of the machine in action. Got to admit, pretty damn cool!

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