• Voice-Activated-Popinator

    Impress Your Friends with the Voice Activated Popinator

    I’m pretty good at throwing popcorn up in the air and catching it in my mouth. And when I was 11, that was a really impressive skill to have. At 35, and in the digital age, you’ve got to step your game up if you want to delight intimate...
  • underwater hotel

    Underwater Hotel in Dubai Allows You to Literally Sleep With the Fishes

    Dubai, home to everything expensive and extravagant, will now be home to the world’s first underwater hotel.  Dubbed the Water Discus Underwater Hotel, the fancy flophouse will feature a section with 21 rooms, a “dive center” and a bar, all 10 meters below the surface of the sea.  A...
  • kobe-beef

    You’ve Never Eaten Kobe Beef

    Remember that time you went to that restaurant in Manhattan and were feeling extra jazzy so you ordered the over-priced Kobe beef sliders? And you remember how when you took the first bite you had that Andrew Zimmern-like reaction where you acted like you just tasted what the sweet...