66-Year Old Man Discovers He’s Actually A Woman

A 66-year old Hong Kong man found out from doctors he is actually a woman after he went in to be examined for stomach pains.

Born in Vietnam, the Chinese national was suffering from intense stomach pain and went to the hospital with a swollen abdomen. It was there that doctors discovered the man actually had a uterus and a cyst on it was causing the pain.

The case of mistaken identity is all due to two medical conditions – both rare – which the man was born with. Turner syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Turner syndrome effects only females leaving them with one X chromosome instead of two and results in not fully developed reproductive glands and shortness of height while the other disorder increases male hormones in a female’s body. This leads to male attributes like facial hair.

The unnamed patient had no testes and did suffer his whole life from urinary leakage but thought nothing more than they were his only disorders. Turns out they were a sign of something else.

Planning to continue living as a man, as he has for the past 66-years, he is now recovering and considering getting more testosterone treatments.

The odds of being born with both of these disorders is so rare there’s only 6 documented cases in history, according to Weird Asia News 

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