Man Finds Naked Stranger Cooking In His Kitchen

Having your house broken into is often a traumatic experience. Knowing a stranger went through your stuff, stole and broke things can haunt you. Sometimes seeing that house intruder naked, frying up some eggs for supper in your kitchen may haunt your thoughts in many different ways.

Two roommates in Vancouver were lounging around their house, watching TV when they heard noises in the bathroom and then the kitchen. Not thinking anything of it, they continued to do what they were doing. After all, they share the house with others so they assumed the noises were just from one of the other roomies.

It wasn’t until one went into the kitchen that they realized this was very far from the truth. Standing at the stove, cooking eggs, was the intruder. A stranger in their house and he was stark naked because he had walked in the front door and decided to shower before making himself some food.

Not violent or aggressive, it was quite a peaceful arrest and officers say they are familiar with the man who is homeless with no fixed address. They also say they think drugs played a factor in the break-in.

Police are once again reminding people that even when you are home you should lock your windows and doors. Because you never know when a homeless person might need a shower and some food.  [ Source ]


About the author: NJ Sullivan


A freelance writer & radio announcer with a general love for the bizarre, the weird and the unique.



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