Chinese toilet maker turns unused toilets into desks for kids

he may have to grown into it...

he may have to grown into it...

Gao Jianguo has come up with a way to take unused toilets and recycle them into desks for kids in China. It’s an idea that to some seems ridiculous and to others seems sheer genius.

According to the Chinese man, his toilet manufacturing company, throws away hundreds of unused toilets every year. Gao thought, why throw them out when they can be used for educating youth.

“It is wasteful and if we can find a use for them we should. ” he says, “They are brand new and have never been used so there is no hygiene issue.”

The idea first came to him when he took the cistern lid and started using it as a portable desk. The child can either use the special desk by sitting backwards or forward to use it.

Pooh-pooh the idea but waste not want not is a very good philosophy. Source.


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