World’s most dangerous golf course is definitely not for the faint of heart

Camp Bonifas in Panmunjom—come for the deadly, land-mine laden single hole golf course, stay for the snack bar.

Labeled the world’s most dangerous course, Camp Bonifas’ golf course is located in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and features but a single, 192-yard par-3 hole.  What, not difficult enough for you?  Better pray your ball goes in the hole on the first shot, because scattered around the green are landmines…deadly, deadly landmines.  Players are warned not to bother retrieving their golf balls, unless they value a common Titleist, Calloway or Top Flite over their arms, legs or genitalia.

The course was built to help the 50 or so soldiers stationed at Camp Bonifas keep entertained during their down time, which seems like a pretty smashing idea when you think about it.  Not so sure about the landmines though.  Trying to get a little white ball into a little plastic cup in the least amount of shots possible is stressful enough—throwing in some hidden artillery designed to maim or kill really doesn’t help.

[Weird Asia News]


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