Dad And Kids Cover Depeche Mode Is Best. Thing. Ever.

And in the world of awesome cuteness…

A father in Colombia, Dicken Schrader, and his two kids (who look to be between 5 – 8 years old) do the most amazing cover of Depeche Mode’s hit Everything Counts and the video has gone viral.

In it, the father plays on a plastic coke bottle and tambourine with his feet, while hitting a xylophone, his son uses a keyboard and kids maraca and his daughter plays a recorder and some wind chimes. All the music is made of kids toys and other household items and the kids do backup to Dad’s vocals.

This isn’t the first video the family has done. In fact, they go by the name DMK and have even played live gigs.

It’s beyond awesome. And thankfully Dad is a video artist which means we get a nice video of it all. Just goes to show, playing with your kids is a really good idea.  [ Source. ] [ Picture. ]


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