Two Teens Save 5-Year Old Girl From Kidnappers

“It was just out of heart. It wasn’t to get attention or anything. It was just to help somebody in the community, help make sure another little life was okay and make sure her future could be possible.”

This is the reason 15-year old Temar Boggs gave for wanting to join the search to find an abducted 5-year old girl in his community. To “make sure her future could be possible.” It’s a statement from the mouth of a young hero that makes you realize it was in his nature to help find this little girl and the story itself is one that makes you realize Boggs and his friend, Chris Garcia, were listening to their intuition when they were looking for her.

Five-year old Jocelyn Rojas was kidnapped and the whole community were out looking for her. Firefighters, police and volunteers were everywhere. Boggs and Garcia were on their bikes riding around looking for her when Boggs saw a suspicious car and cycled up to him. For whatever reason it spooked the kidnapper who let her go and Boggs brought her back to her parents – as he says he biked with her halfway then carried her the rest.

Amazing story of 2 young men who cared more about the future of a little girl than there social media connections and trying to post updates as much as possible. Here is Boggs interview with the Buddist Broadcasting Community. Read it and realize there are great people out there, born to be compassionate, caring and heroic.

“How did this all happen?

[After finding out about the abduction], we went out there and made a little search party of all of our friends and went to go look for her, go find her.

We looked for about half an hour to about 45 minutes around the area where they said she could have been missing and we couldn’t find her at all so we came back. The whole block was filled with fire fighters, police, newscasts, and so on so forth.

So people were– everybody in the group was scattered out everywhere. People were in their houses. One of my friends was at their houses; most of my friends were talking to other people, and all this other stuff. And I was just up a long thing on the bike and I had a feeling in my stomach that I was going to find the little girl.

And I went toward that way and Chris followed me, and from there, then– and we saw a suspicious car, we looked in the passenger seat: the little girl was in the car. We chased it for about ten to fifteen minutes and I guess he got scared and let her out in the corner.

I picked her up—well, no, I didn’t pick her up, she ran to me and said she needed her mommy, and I rode her back home. Well, halfway, cause the way I had her was dangerous so then I carried her back halfway home.

So what about the car was suspicious, what made it catch your eye?

He was just turning around, like he was turning around down–I wouldn’t say streets, cause they were like little cul-de-sacs, but then they would branch off to another street. So he was turning down those.

So, like, up the hill where I was chasing him down… there was like a car of cops, and he saw them and turned back around and went down the hill. And that just made it a little more suspicious. And then I looked in the passenger seat – the little girl was there.

And when you saw her – were you scared? Did you know it was her? What was going through your mind?

I wasn’t scared, I was just [thinking], “Save the little girl, make sure she was okay.”

So you got her, you took her back, you gave her to the police first? Or did you take her straight to the family?

I took her to… I think it was a firefighter.

And you got to meet her family later. What was that like?

It was just heartwarming, how much love they showed me.

How do you feel about having saved that girl?

It was just out of heart. It wasn’t to get attention or anything. It was just to help somebody in the community, help make sure another little life was okay and make sure her future could be possible.

And your friend Chris, how does he feel about it?

He feels the same way. He did that out of heart, he didn’t do it to receive anything.”


The little girl is safe and now people have started an online donation campaign to start a college fund for the two young heroes, giving back to the good at heart.  [ Source. ]



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