Hands-free unbrellas now available

The Nubrella, keeping you dry while you cycle

Ever look at that rain outside and go, “Damn! I’m too tired to carry an umbrella.” Or perhaps your one of those who likes to bike to work and realizes the dangers of trying to hold an umbrella over your head while peddling through a downpour? Well, fret no more, the Nubrella is here.

It’s a hands-free umbrella that attaches to your shoulders to keep you dry as you work, garden, cycle, walk, run or what ever you are doing in the rain. When not in use the Nubrella conveniently folds back like a hood so you never have to worry about leaving it at your desk.

The brain child of Alan Kaufman, a 49-year old inventor from Florida, who says the umbrella was in need of an update.  “We believe this will revolutionize the industry and are targeting people who can’t use an umbrella or are too tired to hold an umbrella,” he told media.

Selling for $49.99 on their website (or $59.99 regular price) the Nubrella is available in 66 countries… for those who care about being dry, or like the astronaut look.  [Source]


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