13 year old schoolboys save schoolbus from certain crash

Two Milton middle school students have possibly saved the lives of their mates as well as that of the bus driver as he appeared to have a heart attack while driving the bus. Jeremy Wuitschick can be seen on the video from the security camera as he leaps out of his seat and grabs the wheel, then has the presence of mind to shut off the engine. He even begins CPR on the bus driver as he’s still sitting on the seat and before the bus is even stopped!

Video also shows another student helping Wuitschick with the wheel as the bus came to a stop outside of Discovery Primary School, which is adjacent to Surprise Lake Middle School.

The driver is said to be at hospital, in critical condition and naturally our thoughts are with him and his family.

These kids give me hope. Hope that maybe one day soon, our children will move their idol worship from the rappers, actors, professional athletes and even in some cases criminals, to the real heroes, the ones that deserve to be our idols; War heroes, astronauts, scientists, doctors and of course Internet writers.

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