Extra Charge To Cremate Fat People In U.K. Town

First it was the extra charge on airlines for very overweight people. Now comes the extra fat charge to have them cremated in a U.K. town.

It was a decision made by the council of Warral in Northeastern England based on the fact the fat deceased person needs a larger casket to be cremated in.

Caskets more than 74 cm wide or 2.13 m long are subject to a 33% surcharge which increases the cost between $300 – $400. Normally, cremations cost $872-$987. With the surcharge the cost is $1160-$1313.

It’s not just the bigger casket that adds to the higher price tag. Reps say it’s also because it takes more man power and more time to deal with the overweight dead person.

Just another reason to stay fit in life… so you don’t keep paying for it when you’re dead.  [ Source. ] [ Picture.]


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