Men Take 6 Months To Get Small Household Jobs Done

There’s groundbreaking new research coming out that could prove wives have a right to pester and nag their male partners.

Scientists have found that the typical male takes six months to finish small jobs around the house. Stop the presses. This could save marriages and put marriage counselors out of work.

These small jobs include but are not limited to changing a light bulb, fixing squeaky floor boards and repairing leaky faucets and pipes. Apparently, it’s all due to knowledge (or lack there of) and motivation (again, lack there of.)

Seems men don’t feel motivated to get these small chores done and the study shows that 41% of them don’t know how to do it so they either don’t try to or put it off until they absolutely have to do it.

In other news, a new study is being done to see how long it takes for a wife to totally loose her cool when small jobs around the house. Hypothesis: six months.  [ Source. ]

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