Mom And Son Kicked Out Because She Wouldn’t Take Shelter Under Trees In Thunder Storm

“I learned that in school… (The tree) is the highest point, it conducts electricity,” is what Ottawa Mother, Zita Oliveria, told the Sun Newspaper after she and her 10 year old son were kicked off the soccer field because she refused to take shelter under trees when a thunderstorm appeared to be approaching.

The coaches told everyone that’s what they needed to do, but Oliveria thought the orders were a bit unsafe and chose to go a different route. Her and son Noa waited and watched. The storm passed but the storm from the coaches came at her full on.

She says the coach told her, “You cannot be here, you have to be where we tell everyone else to be.” And that is she couldn’t “do what you’re told” she’d have to leave.

Then it got worse.

“Next think you know I have four or five of them (coaches) around me,” she said. “None of them were listening, they kept asking ‘are you above the law’?”

The mother and son were told they had to leave because the field was essential private to the teams practicing, since they rented it from the city and she couldn’t be there is she wasn’t going to do what she was told.

Oliveria isn’t even sure 10-year old Noa will be allowed to continue playing on the team since she’s made phone calls to the South Keys Greenboro Community Association, which runs the soccer league, hasn’t returned any phone calls.

And this is what happens when adults can’t play nice… and realize sometimes there is another perspective that could be better than yours.  [ Source ]


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