Woman Fakes Rape To Get Ex-Boyfriend Back

There are many ways to win back an ex-lover. You could show them you’ve changed your ways. Sometimes presents work and sometimes a little time apart is all the young couple needs to realize they can’t live without each other.

Wrapping a plastic bag around your head, tossing yourself in a ditch and pretending you’ve been raped to win back your ex isn’t among the list of things that work.

Problem is there’s those pesky police officers who take your claim of brutal sexual assault and then find the holes in your story and realize you’re making it up. Damn police who are good at their job of finding out the truth.

It’s the hard lesson 19-year old model wanna be Kayla Earl learned as that’s exactly what she did to try to win back her ex. The young woman, who’s apparent big claim to fame is that she auditioned for America’s Next Top Model, thought playing the victim would get her back the man she loves. It didn’t.

Instead she’s probably getting a criminal record (she’s been charged with making a false report) and she’s getting international acclaim thanks to the internet as that psycho girl who pretended she was raped to get her boyfriend back.

Yeah, Kayla, try to get yourself a normal boyfriend now that you’ve been labeled crazy.  Perhaps she could plead “insanity due to blinded by love.”  [ Source]


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