Soldier Watches Over FaceTime As Pregnant Wife Is Stabbed

A US soldier deployed in South East Asia watched helplessly as his pregnant wife was stabbed by an intruder in their home in Texas.

Sgt. Justin Pele Poole was chatting with wife Rebecca over FaceTime when he saw the intruder stab her from behind and then continue the assault. He knew who the assailant was as his wife kept yelling his name – Corey Bernard Moss, 19, a fellow soldier in training.

Helpless, Poole watched at Moss stabbed his 9-month pregnant wife from behind with a stainless steel knife.  Thankfully, he was able to call authorities who rushed Rebecca to hospital where doctors performed an emergency C-section on her, saving the life of their baby girl Isabelle who is doing fine.

Rebecca is still in critical condition and unable to open her eye or lift her arm. As Poole wrote on Facebook, along with pictures he posted:

“My wife fought back so that her daughter could live. But she can not see out of her eye still at all. And can’t see or hold her baby until she recovers.”

Moss was later found and arrested by Fort Bliss Military Police.  He told them Rebecca owed him money for vehicle repairs, which is apparently his reason for the brutal attack and attempted murder of mother and unborn child. Now, he’s being held on $150,000 bond and he’s charged with criminal attempted capital murder.

A fundraising effort  has been started by friends of the Poole family, to help with medical costs and so far more than $16,000 has been raised. Considering the costs of medical treatment and emergency services in the US this money will greatly help the family and hopefully they will get more so the focus is on healing and it isn’t threatened by the worry of financial stress.

As horrible as it must have been for Sgt. Poole to watch his wife be brutally attacked like that, if he hadn’t been video chatting with her at that time things would have turned out much differently. *shudders* As they say, everything happens for a reason and two lives have been saved thanks to FaceTime.  [ Source ] [ Picture ]


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