Group Of 30 Skiiers Do Back Flip At Same Time, Video Is Awesome

A group of 30 skiers in Quebec, Canada have done some that gets A+ marks in the category of sheer awesomeness.

They’ve successfully done a group back flip, simultaneously, while skiing down a hill holding hands. Everyone one of them landed the flip and the sheer excitement of the crowd jumps out at you from the video. It’s brilliant.

The group practiced together for two hours at Mont St Sauveur, in smaller numbers at first, until they tried to do it together.

Video of the feat is going viral and it could be the only one of it’s kind ever done.

They were hoping to make the Guiness Book of World Records, but were too late for their year’s deadline so they must try the feat again next year. And try they will.  World champion and future Olympic participant Mikael Kingsbury was a part of the jump and he Tweeted his intentions to try again next year. Bring it on! [ Source


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