Mom Throws Baby So She Can Get In Fight On Bus

And now up for parent of the year is…

An unnamed woman in Hartford, Conneticut, for not only throwing her baby into the arms of another person on the bus so she can administer a full on smack down of another woman on the bus, but also for screaming and yelling at that same woman while her baby girl sat on her lap.

Caught on video, this stellar example of anger management skills can be heard yelling:

“F*@k that, this b*tch is disrespecting me in front of my baby.”

“I will thrash you on this bus. Somebody grab my baby.”

Multiple profanities that begin with F and Motherf….

Yes, a true example of protecting your child from harm, at points in the video it looks as if the baby girl is trying to find a way to hold on to her mother better as her hat keeps getting pushed in her eyes.

Police are investigating the video and the two women are at large as they both ran off after the bus driver stopped the bus to stop the fist fight.

Sources report the fight started because other passengers started talking about the woman’s baby. So it was merely an attempt to stand up for her child. That’s all this mother of the year was attempting to do. [ Source. ]

Language is NSFW for all viewers.


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