Dubai Police Get Lambourghinis For Patrol Cars, More For Tourism Than Safety

Looks like pimpin’ a killer ride isn’t just for the homies anymore.

Police in Dubai are driving around in $400,000 Lambourgini patrol cars which can reach 100kmh in under six seconds. This gives them excellent odds of catching their man every time a chase ensues, but according to the Major General of the fleet it’s more for tourism than anything else.

“The aim is to reflect the reputation of the emirate and the high stature it achieved,” Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina explained to media. ““It will also help promote tourism and showcase the security role the Dubai police plays in safeguarding the city.”

Those who travel to the city which is one of the seven emirates in the U.A.E will see the luxury race cars turned police patrol cars mainly around the downtown area which is also the main tourist area.

Even thought Dubai was hit by the financial crisis in 2009 it seems they don’t think the $400,000 / car price tag is too much. Their current economic plan has a lot in place in the tourist industry including a massive tourist / retail outlet.

Worth the price tag? You tell me.

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