Germany’s Next Top Model Contestants Infected With Head Lice

It’s a tragedy in the world of modeling and perhaps one of the strangest twists in the reality TV world.

Two contestants on Germany’s Next Top Model have head lice.  The drama!

Anna Maria, a 16-year old favored to win the season, was the first to be confirmed with the nasty nits and says she has no idea where they came from. She thought perhaps a hat while she was shopping.

However,  one of the show’s judges, Heidi Klum, says they could be from New York Fashion Week where Anna had been before filming the show.

Another 16-year old contestant has the bugs but her name hasn’t been released

The traumatic event had 16-year old contestant Lovelyn fearing they’d have to shave their beautiful model locks (tears must have been running like a faucet) but farm raised girl Sabrina pointed out special shampoos can be used.

So the models are treated up with the shampoos and will have to check for eggs every day they brush and do a follow up treatment in 10 days. This on top of their grueling modeling duties as they via for the big prize… wow. How will these pretty faces hold up for the cameras?

Someone needs to tell these models lice hate dirty hair. [ Source ]

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