New App In Iceland Stops Incest Before It Happens

“Bump the app before you bump in bed.”

That’s the new slogan for a new app in Iceland which boasts the ability to stop people from accidentally getting it on with someone they are related to.

It’s a problem in the isolated country which homes only 320,000 people.  Too often people find out too late they’ve done the dirty with someone sharing the same bloodline.

According to news outlets in Iceland:

“Everyone has heard of (or experienced) it when someone goes all in with someone and then later runs into that person at a family gathering some other time. This new app might just prevent such awkward moments.”

The app stores the names and information of everyone born in Iceland, a total number of 720,000.  When two people bump the app (by putting their phones together) they’re told almost instantly if this is someone you want to go home with or someone who might be at the next family reunion.

Perhaps, this is one of the best apps of the decade for those living in Iceland.  [ Source ]  [ Picture]

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