Condom Snorting Trend Now A YouTube Video Trend

I remember when I was a teen. Back in the good ol’ days when we didn’t have the internet or YouTube and we tried a few silly things like snorting a piece of string to see if we could pull it out our mouth. It was a one shot deal, one bored afternoon in my friend Stacey’s bedroom. One girl did it, we giggled, it was over.

Nowadays it’s not the case.

Thanks to YouTube, one teen gets an idea to do something silly like snort a condom up your nose and pull it out your mouth. It goes viral, then another does it, and another and soon it becomes this challenge into complete grossness. Because of course if one person does it the rest of the teen-verse has to try it because it’s cool to get a YouTube video to go viral.

Guys and girls are doing it. And there’s got to be some risks to doing this. Perhaps chocking is one. Also you might get latex burn in your nasal passage. These are just guesses of course.

At least it’s not as dangerous as the dry ice chicken challenge today’s youth have been playing at, giving themselves third degree burns and ugly scars for life.

And on another positive side, if these teens are getting condoms to snort, maybe they won’t be shy to use them when then decided to have sex because so and so said they should so of course they should. I mean, if one person does it everyone has to, right? *eye roll*  [Source] [ Picture ]

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