And now for their latest trick, Americans bring us children’s body armor!

In the USA, where hardly a month goes by without some random bloke showing up uninvited and heavily armed to a post office, zoo or Scottish fast food restaurant and opening fire on unsuspecting and unarmed people, it seems only natural that companies who manufacture bulletproof body-armour try to make a few extra bucks.

Case and point Amendment II, not the only armor and shield manufacturer in the world, but one of few that makes tiny armour for children (and presumably little people.)

Another company, LaRue, makes a lightweight shield conveniently called Tactical Backpack Shield BP3A Level IIIA Ballistic Platem or TBSBL3ABP for short (I would’ve called it something else like The Shayne…) which is an insert that fits into most normal backpacks to render them bulletproof.

While I can understand the need for parents to feel safe sending their children to school daily, in a country where what they call “The Mainstream Media” like to keep the populace hostage to fear. Fear of being shot out of the sky whilst traveling from Seattle to Hamburg (Ohio) by plane, fear of having their vacations ruined by an inconveniently placed shrapnel grenade or worse, fear of their $340,000 MacMansion losing all its value in the plummeting market and being valued at exactly the price it’s actually worth: $28,769 I don’t think that providing body-armor to their children while giving free access to automatic firearms to anyone, regardless of their mental sanity is the correct way to go.

I’m not an advocate of removing ALL firearms from civilian access because to put it simply, hooligans who use guns for criminal intent would not have acquired them legally anyways. Also, having a national gun registry has already been experimentally proven useless (and expensive) by The Great Country of Canada so that’s a no go.

Still I think that having some kind of a federal committee or a “Board of Deciding Who Gets a Gun and Who Doesn’t” wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, giving free access to assault weapons, to the mother of someone who was clearly mentally unstable and with violent tendencies, was also experimentally proven by whoever gave Lanza’s mom her gun permit.

That person should be held liable.



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