Intruder Shot After Breaking Into Home Screaming About Zombies

A 22-year old man was shot and killed by a homeowner in Los Angeles, California, after he broke into their house, through a glass window,  screaming and yelling about zombies.

In fact, the young man, Paul Michael Bracamontes, woke the homeowner up from his sleep in the early morning yelling about zombies in his backyard. The homeowners wife and infant child were sleeping.

According to police, Bracamontes was yelling about zombies, making threats to the homeowner and his family, and claiming there were 5 other people out front who were going to do harm to the family. However, no one was seen out front so it seems very much like Bracamontes was hallucinating.

His family confirms this theory, saying they were all at a party when Bracamontes started yelling about zombies and seemed to be hallucinating. Then he disappeared and no one knew where he went.

At this point there’s no solid evidence alcohol or drugs were the cause but authorities haven’t ruled this out.

The gun that killed Bracamontes was registered to the homeowner, who police say is very upset by the whole thing. Police also confirm the homeowner won’t be killed as it is clear he acted in self-defense.

But I have to throw this out there… what if Bracamontes really did see zombies? And just freaked out? Sure there was no evidence at the house but maybe they were only a few of the zombie critters and haven’t taken over yet? I mean think about what it would have been like in the days before the Walking Dead series started, if it was real. People would be calling about these dead zombie freaks and people wouldn’t believe them. Isn’t that right? It takes a while to believe the worst nightmares are coming true… just sayin’ it could happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t.  [ Source. ]

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